Open World Board Game that Saved Mongkok

Play Event Poster

How does gaming helps with community building? What does “community” mean? How to critically and seriously introduce “game” into social debates that help to redefine and rebuild multicultural communities from chaos? And what role does imagination and negotiation play in this process?

Om March 24, 2019, in the office space of Hong Kong’s Initium Media, I organized a small, invites only play party with 6 players to start from scratch, reimagining and drawing a Mongkok that survives among waves of immigrants, scarce resources, and declined political environment. After 3 hours’ play, finally we ended up with a Mongkok famous for its tasty snack “fishball” all over the world, yet suffering from an overflow of immigrants.

It is through random “fate cards” and series of urban planning, did us, anonymous “Mongkok-ers” game through this journey. We brought different life experience, political agenda and personal preference to this collective “game”.

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