Research & Teaching

Conferences, Talks and Workshops:

2019 April, Kwangju, “Curating Games in the Asia Pacific Region”, panel talk in ISEA (International Symposium of Electronic Art)

2018 December,Shenzhen, “Augmented animation and serious games”, The Fourth Shenzhen International Independent Animation Biennale 

2018 July, Turin, “(Re)play the beginning of the end: 1988 as prequel to Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong,” DIGRA 2018, Digital Games Research Association. 

2018 June, Oxford, “Alternative games and cultural memories in Hong Kong”, Hetero/Homogeneous China: Connections, Dynamics, and Transformations, British Postgraduate Network for Chinese Studies, 

2017 September, Hong Kong, Hong Kong and Liberty, Cultural Studies Center, Chinese University of Hong Kong. 

2017 June, Kassel, “From University to Shopping Mall, Socially Engaged Wandering”, De-Essentializing Difference – Acknowledging Transculturality Art (History) Education and the Public Sphere in a Globalized World, Research Network for Transcultural Practices in the Arts and Humanities on the occasion of documenta 14. 

2016 March, Hanoi, “Umbrella movement – Aestheticization of Protest”, Skylines With Flying People, Nha San Collective. 

2015 June, Hong Kong, “Not Able to Write: On Academic Publication”, Wandering Scholar, Visual Cultural Studies, Chinese University of Hong Kong. 

2013 Jun, Istanbbul, “Comic Art and Cultures of Erotic Self-display”, International Association of Media & Communication Research. 

2009 November, Rotterdam, “Public Gaze, Private Wound: Discourse Analysis of Virginity Loss Video”, European Communication Research and Education Association. 

Academic papers:

2019 (forthcoming), “(Re)play the beginning of the end: 1988 as prequel to Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong”, Faces and Phases of China, Amsterdam University Press.

2019 (forthcoming), “Last night I dreamt of 9mouth, the Ambiguity of Photo Erotica on Chinese Social Network”, Porn Studies

2018, “On Parallel Public Space”, Skylines With Flying People 3, Hanoi: Nhà Sàn Collective

2010 Investigating Bodies-Spaces in a Hong Kong Maid Cafe, jcMotion, Hong Kong: Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Professional Writing:

Jing, Yang (2019), “Swordsman, Snake Goddess & Demon Pot — A Transmedia Archaeology of Chinese Fantasy Land”, DSL Art Magazine, Issue 9.

Jing, Yang (2019), Video Game: Cohabitant, exhibition catalogue, Shenzhen: Design Society

Jing, Yang (2019), G-topia: video game, the endless sandbox (《游托邦》), Taipei: Initium Studio

Jing, Yang (2019, forthcoming), 《絕望世代 絕望家園》, Taipei: Initium Studio

Jing, Yang (2019, forthcoming), 《中國因素》, Taipei: Initium Studio

Jing, Yang (2017) 《國防生贖身記》, in 《大國小民: 十個故事裡的中國》,Taipei: Initium Studio

Jing, Yang (2017) How free is the open world game? in The Ninth Zone, Beijing: Muguo 


《人民色情--中國互聯網的性與監控》(2012),Hong Kong: Up Publication. English original People’s Pornography: Sex and Surveillance on the Chinese Internet, by Katrien Jacobs, London: Intellect

《娃娃遊蹤:東亞COSPLAY之旅》(Wandering Dolls: Cosplay Journey Across East Asia)(2011),by Katrien Jacobs, Hong Kong: Roundtable